GS1 Finland Oy

Supplies, trade, transport and medicine and patient safety. Solutions innovated by GS1 bring efficiency and fluency to several industries. Ensuring smooth transfer of information from one actor to another enables highly automated logistics chains and increases both the profitability and transparency of operations.

GS1 Finland Oy is a company owned by the Finnish Food and Drink Industries’ Federation, Finnish Grocery Trade Association and Finnish Chambers of Commerce.

Enabling seamless businesses

GS1 Finland is part of an open, unbiased and non-profit international GS1 organisation that helps its customers to control and make its supply chains more efficient in different fields. More than 2 million organisations around the world use GS1’s standardisation solutions, and every day, the GS1 identifiers are included in recording and transmitting more than 6 billion trade transactions. GS1 Finland exclusively grants GS1 company prefixes in Finland. 



Customers in Finland
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