How to use GS1 Rekisteri - users and user interface tabs

Username activation and login

Once your company has ordered a GS1 Company Prefix, you will receive a link on your e-mail, that takes you to the sign in for the OmaGS1 portal. When you activate your username, you define a password that you can use to log in to the GS1 Rekisteri service at:

It is recommended that you use the Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers on your computer to use the GS1 Rekisteri. Mobile usage is not currently supported or recommended.

Company users are assigned either Editor or Viewer rights. Users are managed in the OmaGS1 portal.

User interface tabs

The interface has four tabs - Licences, GTINs, GLNs, and Tasks.

User who has access to the GS1 Rekisteri of several companies

A GS1 Rekisteri user of several companies can switch between company accounts from the Profile button on the top right under Switch accounts. Rights are managed by GS1 customer service.