How to mark my delivery

What is SSCC?

SSCC (Serial Shipping Container code) is an identification number used to uniquely identify pallets and other logistic units. With SSCC, companies can effectively track every logistics unit they ship through the entire supply chain. Like the GTIN, the SSCC code is generated based on the GS1 company prefix and is globally valid.

See instructions for generating an SSCC code from this link.

How are GTIN and SSCC different and what code should I use?

The difference between GTIN and SSCC is that GTIN identifies the product in question (retail, batch, pallet) and SSCC identifies each logistic unit to be delivered.

The SSCC code is needed when a pallet or other logistic unit is sent to a recipient and you want to track the progress of the logistic unit in the supply chain. For example, if a shipment contains 5 identical logistic units, each unit will have its own unique SSCC code that distinguishes the units from each other.

Note: If you are identifying a product, use the GTIN. If you identify a logistic unit, use the SSCC code.

There are several types of barcodes - how do I choose the right one?

Often the purpose determines which type of barcode to use. If you only want to mark the GTIN of the product in the barcode and the product can be read at the checkout, then the EAN barcode is used. 

If it is a logistic unit and the barcode also needs to be marked with other additional information, such as an SSCC code with batch number and / or date information, the GS1-128 barcode should be used.

Read more about the different barcodes from this link.

Pallets are marked with pallet labels

Pallets contain several individual products or sales batch packages and are marked with pallet labels in accordance with the GS1 standard. The pallet label on each pallet is unique; the pallet is identified by the SSCC code marked on the pallet label and included in the GS1-128 bar code. This allows the pallet to be traced throughout the supply chain.

You can find instructions for marking the logistic unit with pallet labels here.