Usernames and password change

Usernames and roles

Activate the username

GS1 Finland has created a user ID for all Synkka service main users. If necessary, the main user creates usernames for other users of the company.

The user receives a username activation link via email. Activate the username as follows.

  1. Click on the activation link in the email. The link will allow you to activate your username and change your password. Please note that the activation link is only valid for 14 days.
  2. Click the username activation link and change your password.
  3. Click the Continue to Website button to open the UI login page. Enter your email address (the same address to which the username activation link was provided) and the password you just created. Then click the Sign In button.

When entering your password, please note the password requirements below:

  • At least 6 characters
  • At least one capital letter (A-Z)
  • At least one number (0-9)
  • No special characters

Create a new username

The main user role has the rights to create usernames. To create a new username, go to the User Management section in the top menu.

  1. Open the User Management section of the top menu and click the New User button
  2. Give the new username a role. There are three roles to choose from. The permissions for each role are described below the role.
    • Main user
    • Administrator
    • Visitor
  3. Next, fill in the mandatory information marked in red
  4. Select the language of the user interface, Finnish and English are available
  5. Receiving confirmations by email is optional. This selection can be left blank. Only when the user wants to receive CIC confirmations by e-mail (eg warnings and error reports from other product databases) is this item selected.
  6. Finally, save the information

The system sends an e-mail to the new user containing the username activation link. The link allows the new user to activate their username and change their password.

Forgotten password

The user can change their own password if it is forgotten. The password is changed from the Reset Password link that appears on the login page.