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Product and image information management with integration

If your company's data volumes are large, integration may be the right solution to manage the data flow. Integrating Synkka into existing systems (eg ERP, PIM, CMS, graphic production) ensures that the materials are always correct and up-to-date. Integration also brings other benefits. For example, recipients can make sure that the right version of product information and images is always used in the right way, reducing the time spent on the publishing process.
Instruction steps

Share product information and images

The Synkka service enables suppliers to easily share product information and relate media materials to recipients. Media materials are linked to corresponding product information with the GLN as party identifier and GTIN as product identifier. Information can be shared in several ways, and it is also possible to use combinations.

Receive product information and images

Recipients can easily receive product information, as well as related images and other digital materials through the Synkka service.

Data recipients can retrieve product information and other materials directly into their own back-end system through integration without manual work steps.

Integration can also be implemented through a potential partner company.


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