Kaupan toimiala ja tuotetietojen skannaaminen käynnykällä

Edit product information

To meet new requirements, product information must be updated on a regular basis. Product information is used by retailers in a various of ways. The data source for product information in online stores is often Synkka.
Instruction steps

Do I need a new GTIN?

A change to product information can require a new GTIN. A new GTIN may be required for both the base unit and its case.

Use the GS1 Decision-support-tool for support when to change the GTIN. The product changes below always require a new GTIN.

GTIN management rules: 

  1. New product introduction
  2. Declared formulation or functionality
  3. Declared net content
  4. Dimensional or gross weight change
  5. Add or remove certification mark
  6. Primary brand
  7. Time critical or promotional product
  8. Pack/case quantity
  9. Price on pack

Go to the ​​​​​​​GS1 Decision-support-tool 


A correction can be a correction of a spelling mistake or adding missing information. The product features doesn't change. 

A correction is always done to the current version of the product. The corrected information is saved and published. The corrected information is immediately sent to the receivers. 

User interface

Start by going to the search result view. To edit, either click on the product line and then Actions and Edit, or choose the product and then Edit from the upper navigation. Update the product information, save and publish. 


Use command CORRECT and the same Effective date (effectiveDateTime) as on the  original message.

Change or Correct

The user interface does not require users to choose between Change and Correct commands, this is done automatically by the system.


There is a change to the product information that doesn't require a new GTIN. Create a future version of the product. The Effective date informs the receiver when the change takes effect. The new version is published and there is now two versions of the product information, the current and the future.

User interface

How to make a future version:

  • Go to the product and click on the Add future version button
  • Enter the Effective date (when will the change take place?)
  • Click on the Add future version button
  • Make the change to product information and publish 

There is now two versions of the product. You can see this in the search view by choosing the column headline Future version. 


Use command CHANGE_BY_REFRESH and give new Effective date (effectiveDateTime).

Change or Correct

The user interface does not require users to choose between Change and Correct commands, this is done automatically by the system.

Remove one receiver of product information

One product can have multiple data receivers. You can stop sharing information to one of the receivers with the Withdraw function. After withdrawing the product, there is a draft version left, that can be removed.

Product versions for other data receivers remain active.

Customers using integration send a CIHW message to Synkka. After sending the message they can manually remove the draft version from the user interface. Integration customers can alternatively follow the above instructions and make the withdraw through the user interface.