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Identifiers and barcodes - instructions

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From this page you can find instructions for identifiers and barcodes. First you need to order GS1 company prefix, which is a series of numbers opening the door to a global product identification and labelling system independent of industry. The company prefix helps create unique identification keys for products, such as bar codes. In Finland, the GTIN code, also known as EAN code, is granted by GS1 Finland Oy which also acts as the administrator of the system.

Order GS1 company prefix

When you have ordered GS1 company prefix you can start to identify you products and generate barcodes. 

Please contact GS1 customer service if you need assistance with identifiers and barcodes.


Pia Högström

Customer Consultant

Customer service, trainings

+358 75 756 3500

Riina Muhonen

Customer Consultant

Customer Service, invoicing

+358 75 756 3500
Kuva Katarin T kasvot

Katarina Tötterman

Customer Consultant

Customer service, invoicing

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