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GS1 offers its customers services to enhance product information management and processes. Bar codes and other digital identifiers of GS1 enable the quick transport and identification of goods. Ensuring smooth transfer of information from one actor to another also enables highly automated logistics chains and increases both the profitability and transparency of operations.

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Standardit viivakoodi

The GS1 company prefix is a series of numbers opening the door to a global product identification and labelling system independent of industry. The...

Kaupan toimiala ja tuotetietojen skannaaminen käynnykällä

Synkka product information service of GS1 is a centralised service for delivering and receiving product information, designed for suppliers, importers...

Logistiikka mies ja nainen varastossa läppärin kanssa

Golli is a service designed especially for retail and utensil suppliers, enabling a completely digital order processing and shipment system. Golli...

Ean 13 koodi

GS1 Rekisteri is a service that enables businesses to create all the product numbers generated with the GS1 company prefix (GTIN codes). The service...

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