GS1 Golli instructions

On this page you can find the GS1 Golli user manual with detailed descriptions of how to use the service. We'll also tell you how to get started using GS1 Golli, and we'll provide guidance for the situations that most often trouble users of the service.

GS1 Golli User Manual

GS1 Golli instruction for use, version 21.7.2023

Questions and answers about GS1 Golli

How do I track incoming orders? Do I need to visit GS1 Golli to check?

You can set up in your own settings to receive email notifications for incoming orders.


Can I delete orders from GS1 Golli?

You can delete an order on the Orders tab with the Processed elsewhere button. Once the order confirmation is sent, and the order has moved to the Collection tab, you can no longer delete the order.


I changed the delivery quantity to zero on the Orders tab because we cannot deliver the product. However, during collection, I noticed that the product is in stock. Can I return the line to the order?

Once the order confirmation is sent, and the order is on the Collection tab, you can no longer return the line. We recommend that you do not zero lines at the beginning of processing unless you are certain about the delivery shortage.

In such a situation, you need to request a new order from the subscriber.


What should I do when there is no delivery date on the order?

The delivery date is included in the order and is defined by the subscriber. If the delivery date is missing, the products should generally be delivered on the next possible agreed-upon delivery date.

If the delivery dates are unclear, please contact your subscriber.


Can I add products to an order?

As a supplier, you cannot add products to an order.


How can I start receiving orders from a new subscriber?

You need to agree with your customers from which date your orders will be forwarded to GS1 Golli. There is no need to make any changes in GS1 Golli itself. See: Introduction to the service.


When the delivery date falls on a public holiday, does GS1 Golli automatically move the date?

GS1 Golli does not recognize public holidays. If the delivery date falls on a public holiday, you must manually select an alternative delivery date that you have agreed upon with the subscriber.


If there is an error in the contents of the shipment that the subscriber notices during the receiving phase, should this be reported to GS1 Golli?

No. GS1 Golli does not handle reclamations.


Printing the delivery list is successful, but I cannot see the waybill, and GS1 Golli gives an error message. What is the reason for this?

The waybill may encounter an error if there are so many lines to be printed on the waybill that they do not fit on a single page. A large number of lines may be due to various types of packages. Typically, the waybill reports the total number of euro pallets on one line. If each package has slightly different dimensions, all packages will be printed on separate lines. You can fix this issue by using standard pallet sizes.


What do I need to do when our company's VAT number changes?

You need to coordinate with GS1 Service Support for a suitable date for changing the VAT number. GS1 Golli will be updated with your company's OVT identifier to ensure a smooth transition of orders.

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