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GS1 Rekisteri

The GS1 Rekisteri is a service for easy creation and management of GTIN codes and barcodes that identify products. It is available free of charge to all our customers.

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As a GS1 Company Prefix customer you automatically get access to the GS1 Rekisteri.


GS1 Rekisteri

Users over
3 900
in Finland
Information of over
900 000

Identification numbers and bar codes

GS1 Rekisteri is a service that enables businesses to create all the product numbers generated with the GS1 company prefix (GTIN codes). The service also allows businesses to create and print bar codes for their products. 

Registering products in GS1 Rekisteri ensures that they are included in the global product register of GS1 where trading partners both in Finland and abroad can see them. The use of GS1 Rekisteri is free of charge and included in the annual GS1 Company Prefix fee. 

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The data stored in the GS1 Rekisteri can also be found with the GTIN code in the global Verified by GS1 service, where they can be viewed by everyone.

FAQ – GS1 Rekisteri

See the answers to frequently asked questions about GS1 Rekisteri.

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