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GS1 Synkka product information service

GS1 Synkka is a centralised service for delivering and receiving product information. With the help of the service, product information and images are always in the right format and up-to-date, in the marketplace, for anyone needing the information, and also usable by the company's internal processes. With high-quality product information, you serve your customers and increase sales!
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Customers over
1 000
Data recipients over
Products over
280 000

GS1 Synkka helps you keep your product information up to date

GS1 Synkka is Finland's most comprehensive product information service, through which trading partners transmit and receive product information. The service also enables the transfer of data internationally, as it is part of GS1's network of product information services. With GS1 Synkka, product information and images are always in the correct format and up-to-date, both in stores, online stores, pharmacies, and at marketplaces, as well as available to other users of product information. It also serves as an excellent tool for the internal management of the company's product information and images.

Information through one channel for everyone


  • Makes sharing of product information more effective and faster.

  • Ensures the correct format and conformity of the product information.

  • Reduces manual work and minimizes errors.

  • No special information technology skills are required.

  • Makes transferring product data with numerous different Excel files unnecessary.


Suitable for all industries


GS1 Synkka is a service started and continuously developed by the Finnish grocery trade and food industry. It has also expanded to other industries, and today more than 1,020 companies use GS1 Synkka. Almost 900 suppliers transmit product information through the service. GS1 Synkka has information on up to about 280,000 products.


Entities that utilize product information include trade groups, the foodservice sector, medical device manufacturers, the construction product industry and companies that enrich product information to offer various additional services to companies and consumers. Among others, Kesko, SOK, Wihuri Metro-tukku, Valio Aimo, Meira Nova, Tokmanni, HalpaHalli, Motonet and Ruokatieto request product information from GS1 Synkka. Information system suppliers such as Aromi, Jamix, PoweResta and Mashie utilize data from GS1 Synkka.

Customer story: Houston Analytics

Houston Analytics utilizes GS1 Synkka product information in optimizing store shelf space.

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