Maintain product information and images in the user interface

Share product information and images

Synkka makes it possible for any company, to share high-quality product information with their trading partners. Product information and related images are easily maintained in the user interface. You can easily create new products, upload images or edit and remove exsisting ones.

Your trading partner always receives a notification when you add a new, or update an exsisting product. The trading partner receives the message in xml format and it's generated according to the receivers active subscription. The subscription can be based on product (GTIN) or information provider (GLN).

Receive product information and images

You can easily receive product information, related images and other digital materials through the Synkka service. Build your own integration to efficiently handle product information or start by viewing products in the user interface. Here you can also export information to excel or xml messages.

The Synkka user interface

Synkka is a solution for sharing product information and digital materials from suppliers to retailers and other recipients of product information. You can provide and maintain the information in the Synkka service yourself or in cooperation with our solution partners.

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