Working at GS1

Do you want to be part of accelerating the success of Finnish companies? Are you excited about producing information, creating collaboration networks and delving into the processes of different industries? If you answered yes, get to know and apply to our open positions or send us your open application.

Supporting Finnish operations with a global approach

We are part of an international expert organisation and our objective is to closely support the success of Finnish businesses. We develop digital services to ensure that our customers’ product information is up to date and that the order-supply chains work seamlessly. Our competent employees closely monitor the development of our customer sectors and build valuable networks to benefit our customers. Our mission is to ensure that our customers can use reliable GS1 standards to establish efficiency and ease in their business operations. 

We employ about 30 people, including experts of product information management, inspired salespeople, competent instructors and innovative developers of business operations and services. Our compact work community relies on mutual encouragement and teamwork. We develop our skills and services as a team, allowing each person’s strengths to shine through. We always have our customers’ best interests at heart. 

We offer our employees comprehensive occupational health care, insurance, lunch and exercise benefits as well as motivating salaries. Our employee benefits also include flexible working hours, company phones and regular recreational events. We support the professional growth and development of our employees by offering training opportunities. Our office is located in the new Pasila Tripla facilities in Helsinki.

Kristiina Arola

Kristiina Arola

HR and Finance Manager