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Food Data Finland

The Food Data Finland Growth Engine program brings together key players in primary production, food industry and retail trade to develop a food chain that utilizes data and to promote innovations in products and services with high added value.

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You can find comprehensive information about Food Data Finland on the program's own website.

Food Data Finland develops data utilizing food chain

GS1 acts as a coordinator in Food Data Finland growth engine program that develops the capabilities of organizations to face future challenges and find competitive advantages. Together, we develop practical solutions and a common language for utilizing the data of the Finnish food chain from fields to tables. Through joint development projects, we promote efficiency, growth, predictability, exportability and data enrichment in the industry.

As an open and impartial operator, GS1 provides a neutral platform for food chain stakeholders to network and develop their own industries in collaboration. The founding members of the program are Apetit, Atria, Bisnes+, Fazer, HKScan, Kesko, SOK, Valio, GS1 Finland, ETL (Finnish Food and Drink Industries' Federation ), PTY (Finnish Grocery Trade Association ) and MTK (Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners). Food Data Finland is funded by the organisations and Business Finland.

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Satu Hulkkonen

Satu Hulkkonen

Program Manager