Data model of food sustainability

GS1 together with the actors of the food value chain compile a data model of food sustainability in Finland. The development project belonging to the Food Data Finland Growth Engine program determines how data related to food sustainability should move from primary production to food industry, retail trade and all the way to consumers.

GS1 is implementing a development project with industry actors, to create a common data model to convey sustainability information in the food chain. The end result is a joint definition by the industry on what kind of sustainability-related data and in what form it is collected and shared in the chain. In addition, the project prepares a road map for the entire industry on how to shift to the use of the food sustainability data model. The development project will be completed in March 2023.


Cooperation between primary production, food industry and retail trade

The development project takes into account the views of different actors in the food chain. With the help of interviews and workshops, the product sustainability information that facilitates consumers' purchasing decisions and benefits companies' businesses is determined and selected together. The task is to find the aspects of sustainability from which Finland's international competitiveness can be developed.

The development project is part of the Food Data Finland Growth Engine program coordinated by GS1, the purpose of which is to develop a food chain that utilizes data and thereby promote innovations in products and services with high added value. Representatives from the founding companies of the growth engine program and special experts are involved in the development project.

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