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Register search

With the global Verified by GS1 service, you can find information related to the GS1 code that the brand owner has stored in the GS1 Rekisteri service.

You can search product information from the GS1 Rekisteri by entering the product's GTIN code in the field below. The GTIN code is a unique series of numbers that can be used to identify products. In the product packaging, the GTIN code is printed in barcode format and the series of numbers can be found below the barcode. Finnish codes start with 64. You can also search for information using foreign GTIN codes. You can make a maximum of 30 searches within 24 hours.

If the search does not yield a result or the result only tells you the name of the company that owns the code, the product information has not yet been stored in the GS1 Rekisteri service Companies add information to the register all the time.

Before entering the GTIN code, you must accept the terms of use and perform image verification.​

Verified by GS1