Viivakoodi GS1 Rekisteri

Identifiers and barcodes

The GS1 Company Prefix helps create unique individualisation keys for products, such as barcodes. In Finland, the GTIN code, also known as EAN code, is granted by GS1 Finland which also acts as the administrator of the system.

Order GS1 Company Prefix – Identifiers and barcodes

The first step to generating barcodes is to order a GS1 Company Prefix. After that, you get access to the GS1 Register – a service where you can create your identifiers and barcodes.

Selling a product starts with a GS1 barcode / GTIN

Any products sold in stores must be identified with bar codes. To create bar codes, the company must order a GS1 Company Prefix, after which the products can be identified with GTIN codes (Global Trade Item Number) and transport pallets and wholesale packages with SSCC codes (Serial Shipping Container Code).  

The GS1 Company Prefix enables your products to enter shop shelves, whether they are food products, utensils, hardware or medical equipment.

The identifiers are also used to ensure the authenticity of the products, promoting responsible operations. Any business, corporation or private individual requiring product identifiers in their operation can apply for a Company Prefix.


With GS1 Rekisteri you create and manage your barcodes

As a GS1 Company Prefix customer, you will automatically have access to the GS1 Rekisteri service. GS1 Rekisteri enables you to quickly and easily generate GTIN codes for your products and bar codes for your packaging, manage the codes you are using and store basic product information in our global system. The activation link for GS1 Rekisteri will be sent automatically after ordering a Company Prefix.

FAQ – GS1 Company Prefix and barcodes

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