Synkka - instructions

On this page you will find instructions related to the Synkka data pool. You can search for instructions using the search function or choose the most suitable ones from the links below.

Note! This page is currently under construction.

Guidelines for different type of user groups

Here you can find instructions according to your type of use.

Synkka starter kit - instructions for new users

As a new Synkka user, you can effectively manage your product information and related media materials. Below you will find useful links to get started. The instructions guide you how to set up a retail product, add a transport package and how to add a pallet to the hierarchy. The instructions also advise you on how to add a product image.

Edit product information

Maintain the product information in Synkka throughout the product life cycle. You can create, edit and terminate products. In the user interface, you can make updates manually or using Excel. Updated information is passed on in a single release to all your trading partners, saving you time on other things to do.

Read our instructions on how to update published product information in the Synkka service. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the GTIN management rules before updating your product. It tells you what changes require a GTIN change.

Synkka data pool maintenance

Synkka is a GDSN-certified data pool. GDSN data pools are updated at least twice a year according to the international maintenance rhythm. The maintenance affects Synka's data content, ie the attributes and code lists used in Synka.

Integration customers must consider changes to the version upgrade on their own systems. For UI customers, the new version may bring updating needs to product information. Before the May and November Synkka update, we will organize a free of charge customer event, where the upcoming changes will be presented to all Synkka users.