Documentation on Trade Item Information

This page contains documents and guidelines related to trade item information. You can find the documents listed in the right navigation of the page under the heading Files.


Item Information Profile

The Item Information Profile contains all the attributes, code lists and validation rules for the Finnish profile. 

Document name File Last Change
Draft Item Information Profile 3.1.20  Download  3.6.2022
Item Information Profile 3.1.19  Download  3.6.2022
Item Information Profile 3.1.18  Download 18.1.2022


GDSN Standard Documentation

Click on the link to go to the official website of the GDSN Standard where you can find information, documents and diagrams in English. The documents for each GDSN version are presented on their own page, you can view the current and upcoming version.

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General Integrations Documentation

The document Synkka Data Pool Operations Manual describes the operating principles and functionalities of the data pool. Message templates include templates for various messages in the data pool (CIC, CIHW, CIS, GS1 Response and RFCIN).

The AS2 Connectivity and FTPS Connectivity Guides describe Synkka's connectivity settings.

Document name File Last Change
Synkka Data Pool Operations Manual Download 4-12-2019
Message templates Download 7-11-2018
AS2 Connectivity Guide Download 1-9-2017
FTPS Connectivity Guide  Download 1-9-2017