Receive product information from Synkka

How to receive product information

Product information can be received in the following ways:


A receiver can choose which information they want to import into their own systems by activating a subscription. A subscription can be for a particular supplier or product. According to this subscription criteria Synkka sends both new and updated product information. The subscription is active until it's deleted by the recipient.


Browse product information in the user interface. 

In the Marketplace view you can see all public products published to the Finnish target market. You can use the search to find products. Products can be filtered by for example GTIN or Brand name. The Advanced filter search gives you even more options and you can filter the search result by different criteria like Manufacturer GLN, GPC Classification or Hierarchy level.

Manage subscriptions

Received items

The Received items view shows all product information sent to the recipient. Product information can be opened for viewing by clicking on the GTIN code. Click Exit to return to the list. Selected product data can be exported to different file formats (Excel, XML and pdf). Note that only one hierarchy can be exported to an xml message at a time.

Product images

Media files are stored in the Media view of the user interface. Make a subscription for media files in the following way:

Click on the Subscriptions button and choose New subscription. Enter a name and the criteria for the subscription. You can use the following filters: 

  • Media type
  • Data source
  • GPC
  • GTIN
  • Main Image
  • Target Market

Continue by clicking on Create subscription.

After the subscription is created, the images matching the search will be listed in the Media view. You can also search for media materials in the Received items view using the Advanced Filter, where Media is one of the search options.