Synkka Version Update

Synkka version update

General Information

Item Information 

Item information refers to the attributes used (data fields, code values ​​and validation rules). The update takes place according to the GDSN Release Schedule. The changes affect the message structure.

User interface

Release changes include features that affect UI usability. New features of the interface will be introduced as soon as possible. The changes do not follow the pre-agreed release schedule. User interface changes have no effect on the message structure.


Following documents are updated:

  • Item Information Profile
  • Guideline Trade Item Information 
  • Schemas
  • BMS documentation (GDSN guideline on attributes and information profile)

Guidelines can be found here Documentation

GDSN version updates

Type of release   Release Schedule and type of update 
XL Major release, major changes to profile Not decided       
L Migration, new attributes, codelists, GPC May release
M New attributes, codelists, GPC November release      
S Attributes and codevalues February and August release, done only if necessary.