Upload a Product Image

Assets in Item editor

Adding a single product image is easiest to do in the Assets view that can be found in the base item information.  To add many images at one time, go to the Media section of the user interface. In the Media section, you can also create external links to parties that do not receive product information and images through Synkka.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the requirements for sales and marketing images before adding images to Synkka. When your image matches the requirements, uploading of the image is easy. You can find the requirements, for the different image types in the related instructions.

Upload image

  1. Go to the Assets view to add an image. The image is added to the base item, in the Assets view. Start uploading with +Add assets
  2. Choose type, for product images choose Product image.  
  3. Select if you wish to upload file or Import from Url
  4. Save when upload is complete

Please note that the image must be according to requirements. The material requirements ensure that all parties receiving product images are able to utilize them in a variety of ways.

Edit asset

Add basic information for the image. Below is a detailed instruction for every attribute you need to add. 

Save image

Continue by clicking the OK button. Remember to save when returning to the Assets view so that the image is saved to the product information. Now you can continue adding information to your product or publish if you are finished.