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Taking Synkka in use

After signing a Synkka contract, you will have access to an affordable online service that is easy to use. With Synkka, managing your product information and any related material is effortless. This website includes matters related to the implementation of the service.

Easy implementation

You usually start transmitting product information and related materials through a browser interface. You manually enter the product information and related material in the service through two different views. GS1 Finland offers instructions, training events and customer service support for entering the data and helps if you encounter problems.

In addition to manually entering the data, the company can create an integration to both environments or just one of them. It’s also possible to make use of the partnership model and outsource part of storing the data.


Before using the service

Plan/ensure the product information and photography process of your products:

  • Is all the product information of your products collected and ready to be transmitted?
  • Have you updated product information in case of changes?
  • Are product images ready to be stored?
  • Do digital materials meet the requirements of the media bank?

From this link you can find all instructions for using the Synkka service. The purpose of the instructions is to make using the service smooth and ensure that product information is free of errors. The website also features more detailed examples on how to deliver your product information and images.


Starting the use of the Data Pool and media bank

We recommend that before starting to use the service, you carefully read through the customer instructions we have created. We also offer Synkka service training events for companies. The training events will be realised according to the customer’s wishes. Please contact for more information

The accuracy of the product information and any related product images is delivering the right product information at the right time for the parties who need the product information. Missing information will be treated as erroneous information, and the one submitting the data is always responsible for its accuracy. Error-free product information prevents disturbances in the order-supply chain and increases customer satisfaction, among other things. Please note that significant errors in the product information may lead to excluding the product from store selection.


Decide the manner of using the service

Using the interface Integration from your own background system – build necessary integration(s) to the service Partnership with storing service companies or photography partners.

From our website, you will also find solution partners with whom we co-operate to help our customers start using our services. The GS1 Synkka Partners will help you, for instance, by offering services for entering product information and images to the Synkka service.

In addition to product information services, GS1 Finland offers supplementary services to support your business. We have e.g. the Golli service for your item deliveries. It enables completely electronic order processing and shipment to stores.