GS1 Golli – Introduction to the service

Welcome to become a user of the GS1 Golli service. The instructions on this page will help you get started using the service.

User Manual

You can find detailed instructions for using the service in the GS1 Golli user manual. You can find it on the front page of the GS1 Golli instructions section.

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Agreeing with customers, connections

Orders do not come to GS1 Golli until you have requested your customers to transfer your order traffic to the service. That is why it is of primary importance for you to agree on the change of ordering method with your customers.


Agree with your customers from which date orders will be forwarded to GS1 Golli. 

For the electronic ordering connection, your customers must have, among other things, the following information:

  • Company name
  • Business ID
  • Contact information (contact person, company address, phone number and email)
  • Desired start time for order forwarding



  • Inex/SOK/AOK:  EDI.FoodandConsumerGoods [at]
  • Kesko: toimitusketjunohjaus[at]
  • Kespro: Supply Chain Planning Managers
  • Wihuri: edimetro[at]
  • Valio Aimo: Product Area Purchasing Managers/Buyers
  • Meira Nova: Product Area Purchasing Managers/Buyers

Entering product information

After agreeing on transfering orders to GS1 Golli, the next step is to enter product information into the service. It is especially important that you check with the customer the GTIN codes of the products to be ordered. For the correct generation of the orders, the systems must have stored all product levels: retail product+GTIN, sales batch+GTIN.

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Selection of label printer

You need a label printer to print package labels. Before the first order arrives, make sure that the label printer is correctly installed and successfully printing. You can test printing with the test prints found at the bottom of the GS1 Golli login page.

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Order processing

You will receive by email a notification that an order has arrived. You can find the instructions for order processing in the GS1 Golli service user manual, which you find on the GS1 Golli instructions page.

User support

GS1 Service Support helps in questions with usernames and in the introduction of  new features such as invoicing.

You can book a tailored training for your company from the GS1 Customer Service.

In problems related to order processing and delivery instructions, please contact your customer directly, e.g.

  • There is unclarity about the ordered quantity
  • Can the products be combined on the same pallet?
  • Where can I attach the stickers?
  • How heavy or large boxes are allowed?
  • Should packing lists be sent with the products?