GS1 basilika

GS1 basil

The Barcode (r)Evolution
One scan.
Infinite possibilities.

Discover the possibilities offered by the new, smarter GS1 2D code.

The GS1 2D code is based on the GS1 open global standard. At its core is the globally used GTIN product code, which already exists in all grocery products. It can be scanned with a smartphone, like a traditional QR code, and  at a cash register, like a traditional EAN code. In addition to that, the GS1 2D code is also much more, read here about the possibilities!


Product name: GS1 demo basil cultivation substrate 1 pcs

GTIN: (01)06400001000223

Basilika GS1 demo

The purpose of this page is to introduce the use of GS1 2D code and GS1 Digital Link.

Kuva Petri kasvot2

Petri Leppänen

Development Manager – GS1 standards and Real estate and construction industry
Kimmo Keravuori

Kimmo Keravuori

Development Manager – GS1 standards and GS1 2D code