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All GS1 identifiers and barcodes are generated using the GS1 Company Prefix. An annual fee must be paid for the GS1 Company Prefix as long as the codes generated from it are in use.

The price of the annual fee is based on the number of codes generated from the GS1 Company Prefix. The number sequence length of the GS1 Company Prefix determines how many codes can be generated from it.

The invoicing period for the annual fee is a calendar year and it is invoiced annually in January.


GS1 Company Prefix prices from 1 January 2024  

GS1 Company Prefix length         
(e.g. number of GTIN codes)   
Annual fee (excl. VAT)   
11 digits (10 codes)

50,00 € 

10 digits (100 codes) 

140,00 € 

9 digits (1 000 codes) 

360,00 € 

8 digits (10 000 codes)**

500,00 € 

7 digits (100 000 codes) 

830,00 € 

6 digits (1 000 000 codes)

1 300,00 € 

Variable weight trade item  

400,00 € 

GTIN-8 code for small product **

50,00 €

* No longer available to order 

** GTIN-8 codes are granted as individual units to physically small products. The requirement is that the company has an active GS1 Company Prefix. You can order a GTIN-8 code from the address


All the prices are stated without value added tax (VAT 0 %). The payment term is 14 days net.

How many codes can be generated from a GS1 Company Prefix?

GS1 Finland offers Company Prefixes of different lengths, with which you can generate a different number of GS1 identifiers, such as GTIN, GLN and SSCC codes.

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