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The price of a GS1 Company Prefix consists of:

  • one-time granting fee, which is determined by the GS1 Company Prefix to be ordered (table 1), and
  • usage fee paid annually, which depends on the company's turnover (table 2).

In connection with the order of a GS1 Company Prefix, the granting fee and the usage fee portion of that year (remaining full months) will be invoiced. For example, if you order in May, you will pay the granting fee in full and a 7-month portion of the usage fee (June-December).

For future years, the invoicing period for usage fees is the calendar year, and they are invoiced one year in advance in January. The usage fee must be paid as long as the GS1 Company Prefix is used.

Table 1: Granting fees

(euroa, alv. 0 %)
100 000 GTIN-codes (7 digits)

3 000,00 €

1 000 GTIN-codes (9 digits)

500,00 €

100 GTIN-codes (10 digits)

200,00 €

10 GTIN-codes (11 digits)

60,00 €

Variable weight

500,00 €

Company prefix for small products (GTIN 8)*

50,00 €


Table 2: Usage fees


Annual fee/year in euros

 (excl. VAT)

More than 50 million

816,00 €

10-50 million

510,00 €

5-10 million

306,00 €

1-5 million

245,00 €

Less than 1 million

122,00 €


* GTIN-8 codes are granted as individual units to physically small products. The requirement is that the company has an active GS1 Company Prefix. You can order a GTIN-8 code from the address

Granting fee is EUR 50 + VAT 24% per product number, granting fee will be collected as the code is granted and it covers the annual fee of the year of granting.

The annual fee is EUR 50 + VAT 24% per product number, it will be collected starting from next calendar year.

All the prices are stated without value added tax (VAT 0%). The payment term is 14 days net.


Pricing of GS1 Company Prefixes will be renewed from January 1, 2024. 
Read more about the pricing renewal >

Pricing of GS1 Company Prefixes will be renewed from January 1, 2024

The new pricing model is clearer for you as our customer, as instead of being based on your turnover, it is based on the number of codes your company has in use.

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