The fixed annual fee for the Golli service is by default 900 euros. However, the annual fee is 1 100 euros for customers who forward EDI messages. There is no separate commissioning fee.

It is possible to forward orders from Golli via integration into the customer's own Netvisor system. The order is processed in the Golli user interface and after that the delivery information is automatically forwarded to Netvisor. The one-time commissioning fee of the integration is from 1 960 euros and the fixed annual fee, including the Golli annual fee, is 2 650 euros. Read more.

When ordering the service, the annual fee portion of that year (remaining full months) will be invoiced. For example, when ordering in May, 7 months of the annual fee will be paid (June-December).

For future years, the invoicing period for annual fees is the calendar year, and annual fees are invoiced one year in advance in January.

All the prices are stated without value added tax (VAT 0%). The payment term is 14 days net.

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