New in Synkka 3.10.2022

Presentation of errors and warnings will be simplified in the user interface  

In the update, presentation order of errors and warnings will be changed so that errors are first and warnings after that. Errors will also be listed in the user interface in the order in which they are on the tabs. This makes it easier to navigate through the tabs when filling in information. 


Hints function 

Warning with id number 1169.3 Nutrients will be changed to a Hints function in the update. When another nutritional header table is added to the item, this function helps to fill in the nutritional factors required by the EU 1169 regulation in the table. 

Hints function


Improvements in advanced filter 

The search functions of the user interface are unified to achieve a better user experience. After the release, the search functions work similarly on each tab. 


The filling in of measurement data is simplified 

After the release, the mandatory measurement information is shown at the top of the user interface.