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Check Digit Calculator

The Check Digit Calculator counts the last number of the unique identifiers, i.e. the check number.

The check digit counter calculates the last digit of unique identifiers, such as the GTIN or SSCC code, i.e. the check digit. The check digit is calculated based on the previous digits, with the purpose of ensuring that the code has been entered correctly.

We always recommend verifying that the check digit is correct before printing barcodes on products. If the digit is wrong, the code is unreadable and does not work on cash registers.

Note! With the GTIN-13 calculator, you can also calculate a check digit for the GLN number.

GTIN Check Digit Calculator 

Item Reference without Check Digit Check digit GTIN (Global Trade Item Number)
ID Key Format: GTIN-8
ID Key Format: GTIN-12
ID Key Format: GTIN-13
ID Key Format: GTIN-14


SSCC Check Digit Calculator

Item Reference without Check Digit Check Digit