Documents in GS1 Synkka


In GS1 Synkka the documents added to products are intended for the end user to use easily and quickly on the website. Materials added to Synkka are not meant to be printed. It is also good to take into account the accessibility requirements of the Digital Services Act, because documents may also be used in public administration services.

  • File format: PDF (required)
  • Enter a descriptive file name, for example: 06400001025585_Synkka detergent 1 kg safety data sheet.pdf
  • Texts as text and fonts included as a subset. No text vectorization.
  • The recommended resolution of images is 150 ppi maximum and JPEG medium or high compression.
  • Page trimmed to final size, no crop marks visible.

 You can add different types of documents to Synkka, types described in the table below.

SAFETY_DATA_SHEETSafety data sheetSafety data sheet for the product
ORGANIC_CERTIFICATEOrganic certificateOrganic certificate for the product
CERTIFICATIONCertificationOther certificates than the organic certificate, such as MSC-certificate, FSC-certificate
IFUInstructions for useInstructions for use for the product


How to add a document

The document is downloaded either in the product's Assets view or in the Media items section of the user interface.

  • Open the Assets view on the products Draft tab and select Add asset
  • Next, select one of the media material types mentioned in the table.
  • Choose how you want to upload the document to Synkka. 
  • Save and continue by entering the following information:
    • Language code (required), select which languages the document is in, e.g. Finnish, Swedish and English.
    • File effective start date, enter the date the document comes into force.
    • Digital asset end date time, enter the date the document expires.

Finally, click OK and then Save when you return to the Assets view. You can also download documents in the Media section of the user interface and assign them to the product.