GS1 Synkka version release 3.1.27

The GS1 Synkka product information service will be updated to a new version on May 18, 2024. On this page we tell more information to our integration customers about the upcoming 3.1.27 version release.

Changes to attributes  

In the update, there will be a total of 13 new attributes for the following entities:

  • Providing material information for consumables
  • Package claims
  • Alternate Text
  • Claims


In the update, the following attributes are removed from the information profile of the Finnish target market:

  • Material content (3029), existing data is migrated to Material statement (4670)
  • Trade Item Feature Benefit (1067), the existing information will be deleted from the GS1 Synkka database    

After the update, it is no longer possible to add information to the above-mentioned data fields in the user interface. If, however, the information provider's CIN message still transmits this information, it will be stored in GS1 Synkka, and the product will not be left with an error.


Changes to attribute names

Changes to the Finnish names of following attributes will be implemented:

Id Current nameNew name
4666Pakkauksen raaka-aineen tyyppi Pakkausmateriaalin alkuperä 
4667Pakkauksen raaka-aineen määrä prosenteissa Pakkausmateriaalin alkuperän määrä prosenteissa 
4664Yhdistelmä: pakkauksen raaka-aineen tyyppi Yhdistelmä: materiaalin lähde 
4665Yhdistelmä: Pakkauksen raaka-aineen määrä prosenteissa Yhdistelmä: materiaalin lähteen määrä prosenteissa 
1754 Yhdistelmä: pakkausmateriaalin määrä Yhdistelmä: pakkausmateriaalin paino 


Change in reporting sustainability features

 At the moment, the Sustainability feature code (1717) contains values that can be declared in the package's claims in the future. In the May update, these values will be migrated to claims as follows: 

SustainabilityFeatureCode  1717

packagingClaimTypeCode 5587

packagingClaimElementCode 5584



SustainabilityFeatureCode 3017 

ClaimTypeCode 5317

ClaimElementCode 5318



Changes to code lists  

There will be new values for the following code list, which will be implemented in Finland:

  • Claim Element Code (5318)


There will be new values for the following code lists, which will not be used in Finland:

  • Nutrient Type Code (1241)
  • Packaging Marked Label Accreditation Code (1837)
  • File Type Code (2469)


There will be updates in the Finnish names of the values in the following code lists:

  • Packaging Material Type Code (1732,1753)
  • Packaging Type Code (1719)
  • Country Code
  • Preparation State Code (1225)  


Nutrient Type Code (1241) change to reporting vitamins

The codes are changed to match the codes used by other countries. 

Code now New code

Vitamin C 



Vitamin D 



Vitamin E 



Packaging Type Code (1719) changes

 The following packaging type codes are restricted from use in the Finnish target market: 

Code Name
AM Ampulli 
BK Vasu 
X11 Pakkausvanne 
GTG Nestekartonkipakkaus, kolmionmallinen 
NT Verkko 
CQ Kasetti 
CHB Suoja 


Changes to the Finnish names of following Package types will be implemented: 

Code Current nameNew name
AA Transbox, bulkkitavarasäiliö Kestokuljetuspakkaus 
WRP Kääritty Kääre 


If, however, the information provider's CIN message still transmits this information, it will be stored in GS1 Synkka, and the product will not be left with an error. 


Changes in allergen reporting

Allergen Specification Agency (14) attribute is removed from the Finnish data model, existing information is removed from the GS1 Synkka database.

Allergen Specification Name (15), the attribute is removed from the Finnish data model, the existing information is deleted from the GS1 Synkka database.

The value X99 - Does not contain declaration obligatory allergens, is excluded from the code list of allergens. If the product has no allergens, it is reported with the attribute Is Allergen Relevant Data Provided (4008) – True.

If the value X99 is the only information in the Allergen list, the information is migrated to Is Allergen Relevant Data Provided – True. 


New validations

The May update will include the following new validations:

G1862 Error If referencedTradeItemTypeCode equals 'SUBSTITUTED', then tradeItem/gtin SHALL not equal referencedTradeItem/gtin 
G1865 Error If species is used, then genus SHALL be used. 
G1868 Error packagingClaimTypeCode and packagingClaimElementCode should be both used if one is used. 
400.325 Warning If hierarchy level is pallet then packaging type code should be pallet, pallet box, rack or cage. 
400.326 Warning If hierarchy level is case then packaging type code should be box, case, tray, wrap, intermediate bulk container or crate 
400.327 Warning If hierarchy level is case then packaging type code should not be pallet, pallet box, rack, cage, intermediate bulk container or crate 
400.328 Warning Use only one package type code per level of the package hierarchy 
400.324 Warning Platform Type Code and  Platform Terms And Conditions Code can only be given to GTIN coded pallets.  
400.329 Warning If packaging material code is equal Composite or Laminated carton is not allow to use packaging Raw Material Code or Packaging Raw Material Content Percentage.  
Use instead composite level information.  
400.292 Warning If Allergen type code (20) is equal (AN) Tree nuts and its derivatives, must also be given as to which nut is involved (walnut, pistachio, Brazil nut, pecan nut, macadamia nut, hazelnut or cashew). 


Changed validation

The following warning becomes an error in May. In the future, food products will be required to provide a list of ingredients, even if it is a one-ingredient product. 

400.263 Error The product is a food item and has not been given an Ingredient Statement (816).  


Changes in GPC classes

In this GPC update, the segment 50000000 Food/beverage/tobacco, tobacco is moved to the segment 12000000 Tobacco/Cannabis. The brick codes of tobacco products remain unchanged. There will be added new categories for tobacco and cannabis products. Note that, if higher levels of GPC classification are used in own systems, this must be dismantled.

There will be new classes and bricks in the Arts/Crafts/Needlework supplies family.

There will be a new class and bricks for Postmortem Products.

There will be new attributes for Equestrian Sports Equipment.


See the documentation of version 3.1.27 release.

GPC browser

The GPC browser allows you to browse all components (Segment, Family, Class, Brick and Attribute) of the current GPC schema.