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Picking process of incomplete pallets

There is a need to pick products as incomplete pallets, for example, if the ordered quantity is not a multiple of the contents of the pallet or if it is not possible to deliver the products in full.

The following example describes a situation where the product order quantity is not a multiple of the pallet contents. On master data this product is marked as Logistic unitGolli suggests a pallet for picking.

Golli 1 pallet


First, collect the complete pallets as transport units, click PICK AS LOGISTIC UNITS.

Golli 2 pallet


Adjust the quantity to be collected (2) and provide the necessary batch-specific information.

Click the PICK AS LOGISTIC UNITS button.

Golli 3 pallet





Six pallets formed on the packages tab.

The rest of the products are collected in sales batches on a separate pallet.

Click the ADD LOGISTIC UNIT button.

Golli 4 pallet


To process a new package, click on the SSCC code of the package.

Golli 5 pallet


Golli 6 pallet


To add a product, click the ADD NEW PRODUCT button.

Golli 7 pallet


The rest of the collection is now made as sales items. Click PICK PRODUCT INTO LOGISTIC UNIT.


Golli 8 pallet


Enter the quantity to be collected as sales items and provide the necessary item-specific information.


Golli 9 pallet

Make sure that all the dimensions of the package are given.

The order is processed in the same way as in other situations.


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