GS1 standards in Sweden

Rakennusala suunnittelupöytä ja alaan liittyviä osia
GTIN codes will be required for all construction products in Sweden from 1 July 2022

In addition to the joint decision on GS1 Global Trade Item Numbers for Product Identification published in Sweden in 2018, a new decision has been issued on 22 November 2021, setting 30 June 2022 as the deadline for the introduction of the GTIN as an identifier for all construction products. 

The new decision has been made because three years after the previous declaration, the use of GTINs is not yet at a sufficient level to enable signatories to achieve the level of traceability they need for building materials. 

The decision seeks to ensure that construction products always have a unique product number that can be used both to share digital information and to label a physical product. This enables the traceability of building materials throughout the construction process as well as throughout the life cycle of the building.  

The new decision has been signed by the same parties as the joint decision issued in 2018, ie NCC, Skanska, PEAB, JM, Veidekke, BIM Alliance (buildingSMART Sweden), Byggmaterialhandlarna and Byggmaterialindustrierna.  

The original Swedish press release is published on the NCC and Peab websites: 

You can also read the English translation published by GS1 Sweden at: