GS1 Rekisteri – Importing data from an Excel file

This guide helps you to save several codes with product information data to GS1 Rekisteri using Excel.

Downloading the Excel template

Start by downloading a blank Excel template. On the GTINs tab, click the Import GTINs button.


Click the Download Excel template button to choose whether you want the titles on the template in English or Finnish.



There are two sheets on Excel template:

  1. GTINs, to fill all the needed data
  2. Lookups, to find correct code values (keys) that must be used on template


The status of the GTIN determines the information to be stored

The product's GTIN code can be saved in Draft mode:

  1. without storing any other data fields on it or
  2. by storing everything except the GPC goods grouping code on it. If you fill in even one other data field, you must also enter all other data except the GPC value. In the GS1 Rekisteri user interface, choosing the right GPC value is easy using the search function.

A product to be saved in Active or Passive mode must have all data fields filled out.


Data import from an Excel file to the GS1 Rekisteri

To import the filled template file to the GS1 Rekisteri, go to GTINs tab and click the Import GTINs button. Choose Drag file here or browse and choose the right file.

When the file is ready to be saved, the text Ready to import will appear at the bottom and you can continue with the Import button.



When the download is successful, a pop-up window will show the number of saved GTINs.




A separate file can be downloaded from the GTINs failed to import. File also shows the reason for the error.




Example 1: Loading a large amount GTINs using Excel

Active and Inactive GTINs can be imported by giving them all the required information in Excel.

Filling the product classification (GPC) is often the most difficult field unless it is known in advance. In the user interface, selecting a GPC category is easier with the search function.

! If the products are similar and belong to the same product category (GPC), it is recommended to first save one product manually in the user interface.

  • The GPC code can be found using the search functionality
  • The data of the saved product can be exported to Excel and used as a template for saving other products
  • if the products are different and belong to different product category, it is recommended to save GTINs as draft using Excel. Using Status Draft, you can save GTIN when other information is filled in, but the GPC category is missing
  • The user interface is used to add GPC categories for each product one GTIN at a time
  • When all product information is saved, change the status 
    • Go to the GTINs tab
    • Filter by status Draft
      • There is a Change Status button on the right side of each row
      • Choose Inactive and click Change in the pop-up window

Example 2: Loading a large amount of Inactive GTINs using Excel

Inactive GTINs can be imported as well as active codes by giving them all the required information in Excel.

It is not possible to import Inactive GTINs with Excel without product information.

If you save used Inactive GTINs without product information, you can do so as follows:

  • Import all the needed GTINs using Excel as Drafts without any other information
  • Change the status in the user interface to inactive one GTIN at a time
    • Go to the GTINs tab
    • Filter by status Draft


There is a Change status button on the right side of each row





Choose Inactive and click Change in the pop-up window