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New smarter 2D barcode

What does the future of barcodes look like? Can a single code be used to serve both the retail value chain and consumers in the future? Discover the possibilities of the new, smarter 2D barcode.

The standards revolutionize the possibilities of information flow and utilization, and as the amount of data increases, so does the need for correct and reliable information. Our next own innovation is already around the corner – by moving from lines to squares and to new generation smart 2D tags, we enable product transparency and dialogue with the consumer, from initial production to the consumer and the circular economy.

In the grocery store, the transparency provided by 2D barcodes helps the consumer make responsible and value-based choices and reliably access the sources of origin of the products. For companies, the data they contain offers an opportunity to build competitiveness and an efficient supply chain.

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Kimmo Keravuori

Kimmo Keravuori

Development Manager