Selecting the label printer

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Sizes of the labels


In the Golli service, electronic despatch advice messages are sent to recipients and logistic labels with delivery information are attached to the pallets.

Recipients can record the deliveries as received in their own systems by reading the barcodes that have been printed to the logistic labels. Barcodes should be of good quality and easy to read with reception scanners.

The printer is selected according to the required label sizes. Printers are manufactured in several widths and are referred to as print widths in inches: e.g. 2", 4", 6", and 8" inches.


Labels used in Golli by delivery model:

  Logistic label for homogeneous logistic unit, A5  Logistic label for mixed pallet, A6 Outer package label, A7
  6" inch printer (print width 168 mm) 4" inch printer (print width 104 mm) 4" inch printer
(print width 104 mm)
DISTRIBUTION CENTER DELIVERY x (not frequently used)  


Printing of the labels

Print resolution

  • Label printers can be compared, for example based on print resolution and speed. The resolution unit DPI (dots per inch) describes the number of pixels per unit length.
  • In printing of the barcode labels, enough accuracy is usually 200 dpi. GS1 logistic labels contain GS1-128 barcodes that are large and easy to read. More accurate print resolution is usually not necessary.


Printing technology

  • Typically, thermal-transfer printing or direct thermal printing is used to print labels. GS1 Finland recommends thermal-transfer printing for labels containing barcodes.
    • The advantage of thermal transfer printing is that the labels remain good at room temperature, even at cool and frozen temperatures. The labels printed with thermal transfer printing will last for several years.
    • In direct thermal printing, the labels are sensitive to temperature changes, rubbing and sunlight.


The label material

  • When printing logistic labels, it is recommended to use plastic labels. The recipient recycles the plastic films of the pallets with their labels as a plastic waste, so the label material must also be plastic.


GS1 Finland does not sell, supply, or install any type of labels or printers. Help with printer selection, product information, prices, and installation instructions can be obtained from equipment vendors.


Selecting the label printer

1. Find out which size of the label you need

2. Select the appropriate device for your use based on the print volumes. Think what kind of print resolution and speed you need.

3. Consider the equipment required for printing (labels, cords etc.)