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The GS1 company prefix guarantees that your products will enter shop shelves, whether they are food products, medical devices, general merchandice or technical trade items. When your products have been identified according to standards, they cannot be confused with other products on the market. In addition to your products, you can also use the GS1 company prefix to identify logistics units, parties and locations, amongst other things.

The granting fee of the GS1 company prefix and the annual fee of the year of joining will be collected when the prefix is granted. The annual fee of the year of joining will be defined from the price list’s yearly use fee in relation to the number of full months after the moment of joining. The fee is company prefix-specific, not product-specific. If you choose invoice as your payment method, we will send you the invoice once we have processed your company prefix order.

The annual fee is collected annually. The amount is based on the company’s turnover. The annual fee is paid for as long as the company prefix is used for individual identifiers.