Synkka user rights

Usernames are managed in the OmaGS1 portal

GS1 Finland has created an admin user in the OmaGS1 portal who has the right to create user IDs for other users of the company.

Forgotten password

The user can change their own password through the Forgot password link that appears on the OmaGS1 login page.

Removing usernames

The admin user has the right to delete usernames. We recommend deleting all IDs in OmaGS1 that are no longer used, e.g. people who are no longer employed by the company. Also, ask GS1 customer service to delete storage service users , if you end the collaboration.

Usernames for the outsourcing of product and image entry service

GS1 customer service opens the rights to the supplier's Synkka database for storage service users. The supplier should send a request to GS1 Customer Service. The request cannot come from the storage service.