Food Data Finland Growth Engine program

The Food Data Finland Growth Engine program brings together key players in primary production, food industry and retail trade to develop a food chain that utilizes data and to promote innovations in products and services with high added value. The program, which received Business Finland's Growth Engine status, aims to increase exports for the Finnish food chain in the billions by the year 2032.

Development forum open to everyone – join in!

Food Data Finland's member network is open to anyone who wants to participate in the development of the Finnish food chain and in the operation of the cooperation network. The member network is also open to international partners.

In the Food Data Finland Growth Engine program*, primary production, food industry and retail trade promote transparent, two-way information exchange along the food chain together. The innovation ecosystem that runs the Food Data Finland program also aims to develop new products and services with high added value. The purpose is that the data-utilizing food chain and the joint development platform of the entire chain strengthen the competitiveness of the domestic food system and create a strong foundation for export growth.

Founding members are Apetit, Atria, Bisnes+, Fazer, HKScan, Kesko, SOK, Valio, GS1 Finland, ETL (Finnish Food and Drink Industries' Federation ), PTY (Finnish Grocery Trade Association ) and MTK (Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners). GS1 acts as coordinator and, as an open and impartial operator, provides a neutral platform for food chain stakeholders to network and develop their own industries in collaboration. Food Data Finland is funded by the companies and Business Finland.


Development projects promote digitalization and innovation of the food chain

Food Data Finland links individual food chain development projects in the food industry into one complementary entity.

Examples of development projects planned to be connected to the growth engine program:

  • Data model for the carbon footprint/carbon balance calculation of the food value chain
  • The development project of an openly shared data channel for the food value chain
  • Data-based farm operational management
  • Geospatial data project for the agricultural production system (Field ID)
  • Promotion of information model cooperation and standards for responsibility information

Later, at least 1–2 new development projects are planned to be added to the Growth Engine program each year, which will promote joint development of information logistics solutions for the food chain. The program is planned to be implemented in its entirety within the next ten years.


*) The Growth Engine program was originally called Food from Finland.


Development project: Data model of food sustainability

GS1 together with the actors of the food chain compiles a data model of food sustainability in Finland. The development project belonging to the Food Data Finland Growth Engine program determines how data related to food sustainability should move from primary production to food industry, retail trade and all the way to consumers.

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