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We believe that correct and reliable information in accordance with standards is the key to a more responsible and cooperative world. To a world that creates new opportunities from information and its benefits. This is what we contribute to with our work at GS1 Finland, without choosing a side.
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International, open and impartial

GS1 Finland is an impartial, non-profit organization, which, with its open standards, helps its customers improve and manage the supply chain. Our organization includes about 25 experts and we have approximately 7,300 companies and organizations as our customers, from small entrepreneurs to the largest companies in Finland.

We support the growth of Finnish companies by offering services that bring efficiency, transparency and ease to the sharing of information between companies and promote digitalization. We offer global standards, digital services and know-how. As an open and impartial operator, we can offer our client companies a neutral platform to network and develop their own industries in cooperation. As part of the GS1 network of 118 countries, we are involved in international standards development work and bring its results to the benefit of Finnish companies.

GS1 Finland Oy is a company owned by the Finnish Food and Drink Industries’ Federation, Finnish Grocery Trade Association and Finnish Chambers of Commerce. Our CEO is Jukka Kehusmaa and the board consists of Mikko Käkelä (chairman, ETL), Kari Luoto (PTY), Taneli Mero (Valio), Marko Bergholm (Fazer) and Stina Wikberg (Finnish Chambers of Commerce).


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