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Mutual idenfication of products and electronic transfer of information between real estate and construction operators makes the processes considerably faster, reduces errors during the construction process and increases efficiency in various steps of the order and supply chain. The individual identification of a product is the first step towards a common “digital language” of the industry.

GS1 as a partner to the real estate and construction industry

The real estate and construction industry is one of the fastest implementers of the GS1 standards. In the construction industry, GS1 standards can be diversely used to enhance the operations. The lack of global standards for capturing and identifying products and sharing information has been a key element in slowing down the productivity and digitalisation of the industry.

GS1 works in close cooperation with various operators, particularly in the implementation of the GTIN code. A more extensive implementation of the individual GTIN code (Global Trade Item Number) enables the identification of each construction product. The code acts as the product’s “digital twin”, containing all the necessary information, such as product number, serial number and batch and date information. 



The objective of the entire industry is to improve productivity through faster, more error-free and, as a result, more affordable construction. This requires the digitalisation of the work processes as it improves the accuracy of supplies and enhances information sharing with other operators.

Identifying separate construction products with GS1 standards enables all construction partners and operators to check the authenticity of the products and exchange information on their characteristics in real time. Idenfication improves the traceability of the products and supports their reuse and recycling in line with sustainable development. Shared standards also promote the internal digitalisation objectives of businesses and eliminate the risk of investing resources into the development of quickly expiring systems.

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